Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Mystery Night

One night a couple of weeks ago I held a Mystery Card Night... we really had fun. What I did was prepare three cards, but I only gave the cut out supplies and accessories to them that I used and did not show them the cards I made until after they were done. At first they were really lost as to what to do, but after the night was over, they all want to do it again.......

The first card we did was using Sweet Scoops from the Summer Mini Catalog.

My card is the first one along with the prize for the Sweet Scoops winner....... Unfortunately there were only three brave participants (and it looks like I failed to get one of the pictures). Look how good all of them were and they had to use their imagination with the pieces and parts I gave them.

The next card we did was Sentimental Journey...... Again, mine is the first one with the prize associated to the card (I actually made up a pattern to make a suitcase..... and it "worked"!!!). Everyone elses is just as good or better than what I did.

The next card we did was using the Apple Blossoms Hostess Set. My card is the first one with the prize and the others are so great!!!!!

So don't you think this is an awesome idea? It gives the stampers some insite to creativity and make them less afraid to create something on their own. This is something I will be offering again soon!! Let me know what you think of this idea.

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JulieA said...

Oh Janet, what a fun and wonderful idea! I think your guests did an awesome job! I'd love to see what some of my people could do....You Rock!