Monday, February 25, 2008

I'm Still Here

I've been busy preparing for a number of different events. I thought I might share with you the techniques we will be doing this month. The first one is the Faux Silk technique. I really love it and have taken a side view as well to show the texture. This technique really makes the page look "soft". You can also put glitter on when the glue is still wet; however, I didn't want glitter on this particular pattern.

I also really like this Masking Technique; the one we're doing is pretty simple and I personally think it is so cute. I think this set "A Little Birdie Told Me" is darling.

The next one is the Spotlight Technique. The stamp set I used is out of the new Occasions Catalog and it titled "For Father". All of the images are perfect for Father's Day or masculine birthdays, etc.

This is actually "reverse" spotlighting. The colors I chose blended more than they should have, but trust me; up close they look good. If you haven't tried this technique, it's really fun, try it for yourself.

This last one is Reverse Masking. Cut out the center of a large image, mask it and insert other images in it's place. Just in writing this made other image types come to mind.

Let your mind wander and experiment a lot with your stamps and have fun. It's time to be off to work and then I am excited about this evening because I get to go see Gypsy. It should be FANTASTIC!!!!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day

HAPPY VALENTINES everyone!!! I haven't used this stamp set for such a long time. Sometimes with all the new sets coming out I forget about the fun ones I already have. I made this cute card for my husband for Valentines Day. I did use a new fun sentiment inside from the Occasions Mini Catalog which says:
"Once in a while, RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE of an ORDINARY life, Love gives us a FAIRYTALE"
The hearts came from the Simply Said Stamp set and of course the frogs and toadstool are from Unfrogettable. The card base is using Sage Shadow and I used some Apple Cider DSP which is now retired. The frog on the toadstool is set up on dimensionals as well as the hearts. And, of course I had to use those cute little wiggly eyes.
I hope you all have a wonderful day!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Beginning March 18th through April 30th, Stampin' Up is offering an ADDITIONAL $25.00 of hostess awards in addition to the normal $40.00 for a workshop totaling $350.00 or more. The size of this workshop also entitles you to either a Level 1 or a level 2 Hostess Stamp Set. The new Occasions catalog items are available beginning 3-1-08 so this is an excellent opportunity to hold your own workshop, invite your friends and take outside orders to earn these extra benefits. I would be glad to hold a workshop for you and your friends in my house so you don't even have to clean!! This promotion is only for this short limited time, so call me as soon as possible so that we can book a workshop where I have time left available.

Saturday, February 9, 2008


OH, MY GOSH!!!! Have you tried out the new glitters? Oh, they are so gorgeous and fun. I CAN'T show you yet because I'm doing them for my classes. If you haven't tried the Cosmos Glitter and the Chunky Glitter from the catalog, give it a try. It's sooooo different than what we've had before. The new Occasions Mini Catalog has even more choices of colors!!!!! I'll be showing these off on my "MAD MATTER CLASS" I have advertised. If you didn't get an email from me about this class, let me know and I'll send you a flyer.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Dormant List

I forgot the reason I wanted to post today in the first place because I was so excited about the snow. I just wanted to remind everyone that the Dormant List is still available to order from. Just click on the link to view it. It's hard to remember these sets are still available since they aren't shown in this current catalog. There are so many New and Cute stamp sets to drool over from Celebration and the upcoming Occasions catalog that the unpublished ones get forgotton. Check out the Dormant list because when this last catalog expired, many of the dormant sets did also. You may still want some of these and who knows if they will be available after June
Good Morning. I woke up and 'my goodness' we have over 6" of snow today and a couple more inches are on the way. Here's a picture of my backyard, the very corner out there is a pond, can't you tell? LOL. I just heard that another storm is coming in and we're in for another 1-2 inches. My poor husband isn't as excited about the snow as I am; he works for the county so he's been out most nights for the last couple of weeks sanding, scraping..... actually he gets pretty grumpy about it. Sure does affect our social life when he goes to bed at 6:00 - 7:00 at night.
One of the guys in my office is mostly retired, so he has lots of time to do fun things. His current project is making Doggy Dish stands. I have three Shihtzus so he made a three dish stand. It's so cute, but my "girls" aren't really sure about it. See the bones behind each dish? I thought I would wait to see which "girl" chose which dish was hers then I would put their names over the bowl on the bones.

Erlene Kuntz who's in one of my Stamp Clubs brought some cards over to show me that she has done. They are so cute I asked if I could post them so others can enjoy them as well. Erlene signed up to be a demonstrator for Stampin' Up yesterday at Demo Day; and I think she's going to do really well. She's stamped for years and has such an organized Stamp room, you wouldn't believe it. Check out these cards ... so CUTE.
Well, I want to make some fun cards and rub on projects to show you. Have a nice day and enjoy the SUPER BOWL!!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Demo Day

WOW, I can't tell you what fun I had today at DEMO DAY. I can't even begin to tell you how fun it was and so like a Regionals event. We had lots of our own group demonstrate products and techniques and I KNOW they were every bit as good as any of the demonstrators we see at Regionals or Convention. The day started at 9:00 until 4:00pm and lunch was included.

There were lots of displays of cards and 3D items and the best part is that we could order a DVD of the demonstrations as well as all the individual display items. Now we can look back on the day to see what they showed and HOW TO DO IT!!

All of the demonstration items were raffled off as well as other items, stamp sets, products, etc. The cost of the event was less than what I came home with, both in product and especially in knowledge. We had one of the top Canadian demonstrators come and talk to us and she was so inspirational and gave us ideas on how to focus on being successful. She said when she first signed up she found out about the cruises about three months before the end of qualifying for the event and actually focused and made the cruise. She's one of many demonstrators I've heard tell about family situations that turned their business around because they had to support the family for one reason or another and was able to do it and more.

This is such a fun JOB and I would love to be able to do it full time (where's the stress????). I'm so looking forward to the day I can and my GOAL is a CRUISE. I hear it's attainable....

I'm sure there's lots of you out there that haven't really thought about having such a FUN job where you can choose your own hours to work and choose the amount of money you want to make. What can be more fun than staying home and "playing" like we used to a long, long long time ago.

Maybe tomorrow, I will post some of the cards we made today and some of the swaps I received from other demonstrators. There is sooo much talent in our group.