Sunday, February 3, 2008

Good Morning. I woke up and 'my goodness' we have over 6" of snow today and a couple more inches are on the way. Here's a picture of my backyard, the very corner out there is a pond, can't you tell? LOL. I just heard that another storm is coming in and we're in for another 1-2 inches. My poor husband isn't as excited about the snow as I am; he works for the county so he's been out most nights for the last couple of weeks sanding, scraping..... actually he gets pretty grumpy about it. Sure does affect our social life when he goes to bed at 6:00 - 7:00 at night.
One of the guys in my office is mostly retired, so he has lots of time to do fun things. His current project is making Doggy Dish stands. I have three Shihtzus so he made a three dish stand. It's so cute, but my "girls" aren't really sure about it. See the bones behind each dish? I thought I would wait to see which "girl" chose which dish was hers then I would put their names over the bowl on the bones.

Erlene Kuntz who's in one of my Stamp Clubs brought some cards over to show me that she has done. They are so cute I asked if I could post them so others can enjoy them as well. Erlene signed up to be a demonstrator for Stampin' Up yesterday at Demo Day; and I think she's going to do really well. She's stamped for years and has such an organized Stamp room, you wouldn't believe it. Check out these cards ... so CUTE.
Well, I want to make some fun cards and rub on projects to show you. Have a nice day and enjoy the SUPER BOWL!!

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