Monday, February 25, 2008

I'm Still Here

I've been busy preparing for a number of different events. I thought I might share with you the techniques we will be doing this month. The first one is the Faux Silk technique. I really love it and have taken a side view as well to show the texture. This technique really makes the page look "soft". You can also put glitter on when the glue is still wet; however, I didn't want glitter on this particular pattern.

I also really like this Masking Technique; the one we're doing is pretty simple and I personally think it is so cute. I think this set "A Little Birdie Told Me" is darling.

The next one is the Spotlight Technique. The stamp set I used is out of the new Occasions Catalog and it titled "For Father". All of the images are perfect for Father's Day or masculine birthdays, etc.

This is actually "reverse" spotlighting. The colors I chose blended more than they should have, but trust me; up close they look good. If you haven't tried this technique, it's really fun, try it for yourself.

This last one is Reverse Masking. Cut out the center of a large image, mask it and insert other images in it's place. Just in writing this made other image types come to mind.

Let your mind wander and experiment a lot with your stamps and have fun. It's time to be off to work and then I am excited about this evening because I get to go see Gypsy. It should be FANTASTIC!!!!

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