Monday, August 30, 2010

Boy, It's Been a LONG Time

Whew!!!! It's been a LONG time since I've posted anything...... I have lots to share with you so lets start with our Club Party......
One of my club sessions ended in August (of course they all signed up again for the next term), but we decided that this last session we would have a PARTY because #1. it was the last night of the club session and #2. for one of our members who has been battling cancer and was THROUGH with all chemo and radiation and it was her "hostess" night. A couple of the gals brought a Raspberry Tart Cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory and a couple others brought "the drinks" and I did the decorating... I used the Pennant Die for the Big Shot and made the banner across the room that said "Celebrate Linda" made out of the purples and lavenders that Linda likes. You can't see very well, but when I was at Convention this year the Riverton House had all kinds of fun decorations and I really liked the circle pinwheels that were hanging from the ceiling so I thought that would be fun too. Mine are hanging from the light. We all had balloons, the theme was "flowers" so you can see all our colorful shirts and Leis!!!

Linda surprised all of us with a special treat as well. She does beautiful glass work, and she made each of us a little vase that hangs from the wall and can hold water as well. We are all holding ours, but it's hard to see what they look like. Here is a picture of mine; I absolutely LOVE it!! Everyone's was different.
We had such a fun evening and everyone made sure Linda received good hostess benefits..... I almost had to get a trailer to take everything to her when the order came LOL.
Have a wonderful Tuesday and I guess I'll check back with you NEXT month.... can you believe it?

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