Monday, August 9, 2010

On Board Book - Briefcase

I am soooooo BAD about purchasing things and then never using them because the occassion isn't right... well, I had purchased the Briefcase On Board Book when the Summer Mini Catalog first came out with good intentions and my ideas were so different that what actually came to life. I also have the Cog On Board Book that I want to do something fun with......
Anyway, I decided using the Briefcase On Board book would be fun for scrapping some of my "small adventures" during the 2010 Stampin' UP Convention this year.
The following is what I put together... I know it needs some helpk but It's still cute and reminds me of what happened this year....... check it out.. If you were there maybe it will bring back some memories as well HA. Sorry about the sideways pictures, but I think you can get the picture.
As I was making this I thought about so many other pictures I should have taken to remember..... my thoughts at the time were obviously not in the right place.
Have a nice week.

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