Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Wild West Train Robbery

I don't know about you guys, but I have the hardest time thinking of something for my husband for gifts..... he does like to watch old westerns and stuff so I found that we had a local train ride from Horseshoe Bend to Smith's Ferry. There are lots of different "types" of trips; but I found the "Wild West Train Robbery". I told my husband that we were going somewhere on the 26th, but I wouldn't tell him where... he doesn't like NOT KNOWING where he is going and he was a little grumpy about the whole thing. Anyway, I drove, which he also doesn't like and I took him to Horseshoe Bend, which is about 30 miles away from home. I turned off the main road, and he could see the trains ahead...... I think at that moment he was getting sort of excited.

When we getting ready to board the train, there was someone sitting on benches outside the train playing an instrument

Then once we got inside there was an open car with benches where we sat for the first half of the trip. There are several other cars that are all different from the others... One car has seats like on a regular train, then there is one that is like a dining car with tables and chairs, the one we first walked through which is off to the side sold trinkets, engineer hats, popcorn, etc.

Then once we started moving they acted out the Hatfields and McCoys; however, they called them the Hatcoys and McFields ha ha ha

Can you believe they came through the train and robbed us!!!!!!????

When we stopped at the half way point, they had it out between the families but then the son and daughter from each family decided they wanted to be married and the son proposed. So the fight was over and on the way back the couple were married........... Instead of saying "til death do us part" they said "and I will never tell anyone about your pappy's still".
We had such a really fun time; the weather was great, the actors were good and this was something really different from what we usually do.
My grumpy husband, not liking to be surprised, now has plans to take friends and "surprise" them ha ha ha...... as the world turns!!!

Have a nice day.

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