Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Wow, I was finally able to move this to share

I have lots of attempts at using My Digital Studio; however, I haven't ever figured out how to post any of the items...... I FINALLY DID IT. Even though this isn't really finished in my minds eye, at least it is a start. I will attempt more this week.
This really is a fun software; You just need to play and play with it to see what you can do. the program is amazing.
Now that I've been playing with it, I know of several items I would like to see in here that isn't yet, but I'm anxious to see what they have in some of their future updates.
I can't believe how many stamp sets, embellishments, editing, etc. that are available.
If you hold a $400.00 + workshop, you can purchase this product for 50% off or for $40.00 instead of the $80.00 it retails for. Give me a call to order so you can have as much fun as I'm having!!!

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JulieA said...

Very pretty! Love the shadows you added to make it look 3-D!