Saturday, September 12, 2009

Sweet Centers Cards

I absolutely LOVE the Sweet Centers stamp set and the little Sweet Treat Cups used with it. One of the cards I'm going to show you I found on another blog; I wish I had paid attention so I could link it back to her.

I would NEVER thought of using water in these cups, and when I tried it I had some issues getting it full enough. What you do is put some Dazzling Diamonds in the cup and fill it with water; then take off the adhesive back from the cup and attach it to a Window sheet. When you "think" it's full, it isn't. I had to do this several times, but the last time I decided to poke a little hole in the window sheet (after it was attached to the cup with water in it) and held it under the faucet to fill it. I didn't want to put two holes in it which would probably have filled faster so it actuqlly took a while to fill totally. Then I used a piece of sticky strip to put over the hole I had punched to seal it. The picture you are looking at is using the ornament piece from the Sweet Centers Stamp Set, which I versamarked, embossed with Gold Embossing Powder, cut out and attached to the top of the cup after I adhered it to the card. I also punched a hole at the top where the hook would go and attached some gold cord and hid the edges behind the cardstock. This picture is after I shook up the card... like a show globe. The second photo is shown after the Dazzling Diamonds settled down at the bottom. Isn't this the coolist thing ever??????
We made this second card at our club night last night and we put Jelly Bellys in the cup. I wish I had thought in time to get only black and orange ones, but I didn't......... The circle attached with the hemp is the piece we cut out of the center using the 1 3/4" Circle punch. We just punched a hole at the top of the circle and attached to the Old Olive grosgrain ribbon with a piece of hemp tied into a bow.

This third card is the Hot Air Balloon stamp and for fun I put Fruit Loops in the cup. Didn't it turn out cute? I made a card like this for my grandson and used the Fish Crackers in the cup. He thought that was really fun.

Have you ever thought of all the things you can put in the cups???? At our club night someone mentioned they thought a silver dollar would fit and don't you know one of the girls had one and lo and behold, it did fit. I think it would probably hold 3 silver dollars comfortably.... a little heavy maybe, but the recipient wouldn't care :) You can use any kind of small candy. I thought for Valentines day you can put in the Conversation Hearts or Red Hots. Someone at work said you could put in a flower from a wedding using the colors of the wedding as a keepsake, you can put in "confetti" type items... and a small Peppermint Patty fits perfectly. There is just no end.... AND you don't HAVE to use the cups. You can leave the centers in or even add some other stamp or accessory to decorate where the cups would go. I REALLY hope this is one of the stamp sets that come out in the next Annual Catalog; it's just too cute to let go.


JulieA said...

Oh stop it! Those are way too stinkin' cute!!!!! GF, you've outdone yourself with these...I especially love the snow globe. That is so clever!!! Ok, enough with the exclamation marks already. I sure hope your ladies loved these projects, because they totally ROCK.

Britiney said...

OH MY WORD! You're a GENIUS!!! What a fantastic idea. You should get a medal for this one. Darling, darling cards!!!