Sunday, November 1, 2009


We had such cute trick-or-treaters this year, the cutest little girls and boys I have seen in a while. It made me think back to when I was young, I don't remember that we bought costumes... I know we didn't look terribly exciting, compared to how kids look today. Even when my kids were young, they were dracula, witches and goblin type things that we put together ourselves. Maybe I just didn't want to spend the money ha ha; but I really don't really remember them much. Anyway, my grandson who I think is really attactive.... (until what you see shortly) ;
Actually both of them are REALLY cute; the one I'm talking about is the one on the left.

Austin went to a Halloween Party and like when I was a kid, he used what he had to make himself look different. I'm not sure what he really is, but first he said he was an overweight business person, then he was a principle.... who knows; anyway, check out these pictures; they are so funny. Guess what his beard is??????? He used my Chocolate Chip Watercolor Crayon. I talked him out of using a magic marker that he originally asked for; especially since he has a job at a restaurant.... might look very weird to the patrons.
Anyway, the outcome of his attempts, I think are pretty funny. He used the Watercolor crayons on his face, used my husband's over the counter type reading glasses, stuffed a pillow in his shirt, snapped on a cell phone holder.... he wanted my bluetooth earbud, but that was nixed!!!!

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