Wednesday, November 4, 2009

No Reason for This Post

I just wanted to share my family with you......... My Daughter and her kids.... aren't they adorable?????
What a talented bunch of kids. Austin (the one with the blue shirt) was a Meridian High School running back football player, Jordan, the one on top is now a Junior at Rocky Mountain High School..... also a running back, obviously not as BIG as Austin, but reallllllly fast. If he gets the ball on the outside; he's gone and no one can catch him....
Alyssa is a Freshman Cheerleader, recently this week has pushed forward to Junior Varsity along with a bunch of her co-cheerleaders because they are so GOOD and advanced..... Alyssa is one of the "flyers", pretty scary for a grandma!!!!!
Had to share........

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