Friday, November 6, 2009

Another Birthday

I needed to have a masculine Birthday card.... I know, I know, this isn't the REALLY Masculine card we all look for, but eventhough it has a flower, it's still masculine; don't you think? I copied this from somewhere on Splitcoast Stampers, but I can't remember where; I just liked the card, so I made it and whoops.... where did it come from???? Who ever claims this; I love it. This was for my grandson who just turned "20"... I can't even believe it; I helped him learn to "turn over" that keep coming in to my mind more and more the older he gets.... he's turned into such a fine "man" when he was only JUST A BABY just a few years ago. My life passes before my eyes, I think. One day you're young and the next minute you're old. I still work full time outside the house and when everyone else is thinking, Boy, only two more days until the weekend, I'm thinking "my life is passing before my eyes" (even though I look forward to weekends too) but shoosh, I don't tell anyone else. ha.

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