Saturday, January 8, 2011

Train Ride for Christmas

We have had such a really fun Christmas this year. My son, Brent (in the plaid shirt and his girlfriend, Trish in the front with him) came from San Diego for Christmas. My daughter and her husband (Kim and Terry) stand behind. My husband and I decided for a fun Christmas gift to treat them all to a "whole day" of fun and the whole day was a surprise to them and they new nothing of what we were doing. The first thing we did was take them out to breakfast at a place that was next to a theater (thinking ahead)...... and then asked them all to drive in our truck and to leave their vehicle in the theater parking lot since the restaurant lot was too small to have them stay there all day (ha ha ha ). After breakfast, we still had time to kill before our next adventure so on the way to the next adventure (since it was noon) we stopped on the way there to have a beer since we couldn't be too early.
The next stop was to ride a "vintage" train from Horseshoe Bend, ID up to a place between there and Cascade, ID. Usually there is some sort of entertainment but this time it was just a "Holiday Train" and the train was decorated for Christmas. This photo was taken for the mountain with the fog, but I liked that I also got the top of the train, which was special.
We took lots of pictures at the turn around spot. They had a whole set placed there with building fronts where we took more pictures, a bonfire, Santa's Workshop and a sleigh set up to take photos.

When it was time to board the train to go back home, we thought it would be fun to hang "off" the train and the pictures turned out really cool.

After our fun afternoon, we went home to have dinner then it was off to the movies to see "The Little Fockers". ha (and guess what, their vehicle was in that parking lot.... what a surprise) It was a long day and I think we all dropped into bed when we got home again.
What a fun Christmas.............. Looking forward to next year to see what we can come up with to top this year hmmmmmm..... any ideas?

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