Saturday, May 16, 2009

My Rooster Collection

You wouldn't believe how may rooster pictures, figurines, items I have that depict Roosters in my kitchen. My sister-in-law from Canada came to visit the other day and brought me the cutest things. I will have to show you one of these days some of the other things I have that these match, then it will make more sense. LOL. The first is a ceramic egg. I have to tell you I have a chicken wire basket shaped like a rooster on top of my cupboards and it's filled with wooden eggs. One year for Christmas my brother brought me an egg with legs on it that have hinges on the legs, so it sits perfectly on the edge of my cabinets with the legs hanging over. This ceramic egg fits perfectly into that scenerio.
This is the cutest rooster holding a pot.l Jannene got a little cactus that flowers that she put into the pot; it make it so complete and cute.
I also have a sort of shadow type box hanging on the wall and these crazy roosters sitting in it. the head and necks are really long and skinny and the bodies are sooo fat. I think that when she saw these cute little wooden roosters, it reminded her of those and so she also got me these. I really love all of them. The trouble is, I'm having trouble finding my kitchen with all the accessories on every shelf, cabinet, counter....... You know what I mean. Before we moved into this house, it was cows.... Now the cows are on shelves in the guest bedroom LOL..... wonder what my guests think.

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