Thursday, May 14, 2009

Mothers Day

My son usually doesn't remember holidays, so this year, I sent a few subliminal messages (like jokes about Mother's Day) without having to say...."You KNOW Mother's day is coming.... LOL. I guess it worked, because look at what I got on Saturday!!! Aren't these gorgeous? The basket has a handle that I don't think really will hold the basket, but it's made out of Pussy Willow Branches, can you see them? This is sooooo gorgeous. I'm glad I was able to take pictures because it's starting to not look so hot anymore. It's a shame that someone spends so much on "cut" flowers and then they just die. Of course, now I feel a little guilty (sort of) :) Not only did the flowers come, but you see the box of chocolates too???? YUMMMMMM

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JulieA said...

Oh, lucky you! Give your son a pat on the back from the rest of us mothers. Nice flowers!