Monday, December 29, 2008

My Brothers Christmas Cards

One of my brothers has been watercoloring for a long time. This one is a lot different than some of the ones I've seen before, looks like Greece to me. This is the Christmas card he sent out this year. He has been introducing my other brother and my sister into watercoloring over the past several years and my other brother, Jon has finally started doing a lot of watercoloring. This is his very FIRST Christmas Card and I think it's absolutely adorable!!! It's basic like a
child's drawing, which makes it so special. I'm proud of him!!!
My brothers may not be Stampin' Crafty, but they can sure create an original watercoloring without the help of stamps. I can't draw a straight line nor much less draw something to even look "sort of like it SHOULD look like"; that's why I like to stamp, at least it resembles the image it's intended to. LOL

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