Sunday, December 7, 2008

Meeting Demonstration

Our demonstrator group had a meeting on Friday night and Carrie Rhoades, one of our demonstrators showed us how to make the cutest snowflakes. I took a few pictures of what she did, then I came home and made lots. My husband is so funny. He doesn't really pay a lot of attention to what I do, but this time he kept asking if I was going to make more and when a friend came over to visit this afternoon and saw them, my husband asked me to make one for his wife. LOL. I have a large pot beside my front door that has Weeping Willow branches in it; I decided that was a good place to hang my snowflakes on so I took a picture of that you can see how they look on my Weeping Willow Tree :) These are so really pretty and easy to make. Not only are they cute to hang from your tree or on something like this, they would also make really pretty Christmas package decorations to attach to ribbons.


JulieA said...

Janet, those are gorgeous! I love it! And what a perfect decorationf or those willow branches.

Chrystal said...

I am so jealous I missed the meeting. Those snowflakes are soo cool!!!