Friday, December 12, 2008

Decor Elements

FINALLY!!! I finally did it. I put my Decor Element (the Create definition) on my wall in my stamping room. While I was struggling to get it first off the graph paper, then onto the wall I then remembered that I had read it should be at room temperature. I know it was at room temperature; however, I had it stored on an outside wall which may have made it a little cooler than I would have thought. I struggled a bit, but it really is pretty easy. I had originally planned to separate the "paragraph" and put it in a line at the top of the wall along the ceiling. Now, I'm glad I didn't do that. I think my next project will go much easier now that I've done this one. I think the hard part of this one is all the letters. There are so "many" areas that didn't want to pull away. My next project is Organic Outline. The images are extremely large, so for one, they will be put up one at a time so I'm anticipating a much easier transfer. I'm planning to put those in my bedroom around the bathroom entry; I'm really anxious to do that project. As soon as I do, I will show you how it turned out. Anyway, I am attaching photos of this project and actually, I think it looks pretty awesome.

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