Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Have any of you been nursemaid to your husband???? Woh...... Now I know why I NEVER wanted to be a nurse. My husband had his foot run over at work by a trailer with a newly loaded 1600 lbs of hot oil three weeks ago. Since then it's been taking care of him, giving him meds, bringing/cooking meals, doing the yard work, taking care of the pond, feeding the birds, fish, squirrels, dogs, pick up after the dogs, mowing the lawn, weeding. What time is there for stamping since I work full time away from home????? Obviously not much since you haven't heard from me for so long.
In the mean time, I've been trying to get 100 card fronts done for a swap our group is having. What fun is there to have over 100 card ideas to show you and demonstrate for the next several months all out of the new catalog?
Since my clubs/technique classes are over (sort of, had to postpone some because of surgery issues) I have been home (nursemaiding) and working on my stamp room. This last week, I got out my husbands's drill/screwdriver and hung corkboards and dry erase boards on the wall inserted wall anchors, etc. and attached curtain rods underneath to hold my punches (31) can you believe I have so many? I realized while hanging the curtain rods I needed something shorter to the wall for the "really small punches". They are actually hanging by the skinny skin skin of their "teeth" until I bump them before they fall :)
I want to get you some really fun projects I've done and thought of this week, (maybe this weekend) and some new promotional events Stampin' Up has come up with because there are some awesome promotions with 15 and 20% off new stampin' up sets. There's also a special if you hold a workshop with $350.00 in merchandise sales; there are a number of stamp sets you can receive for "FREE' in addition to the hostess sets and free merchandise. when I send you the info in the next couple of days, think about holding a workshop in either your home or mine t0 earn free stamp sets and merchandise in addition to the normal hostess free sets.
If any of you would like a NEW CATALOG, please call.
ALSO, don't forget, you can join Stampin' Up as a demonstrator, hobby or otherwise, receive the 20% discount on your orders, hold workshops or not (but must meet the 300 per quarter minimum purchase (this is not hard if your friends or family order) you don't even have to hold workshops if you don't want to at this point. The cost to join until the middle of October is only $99.00 and most of the cost is in the stamps etc. that come with the fee. Not only do you get the discount, but you also have the opportunity to attend convention, regionals and any other stampin' up specials like pre-orders of any minis or catalogs that are available. There also are other promotional offers Stampin UP has for demonstrators. The last several years I have demonstrated, Stampin' up has sent free sets out to demonstrators "free" as Christmas gifts. You really think about it now as this if the BEST special I've ever seen Stampin' Up has offered...... $99.00 how can you even go WRONG???????

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