Monday, October 4, 2010

SUNNY St. George Utah

My husband is playing in a Senior Softball tournament this week in St. George, UT....... Oh, did I say "playing"????? Well, today was to be a day for two games to start weeding out the teams into their groups.... my guess is winners and losers; ANYWAY, it rained ALL day and of course they did not play at all.... We were told around 4:30 this afternoon that the first game is now scheduled for around 11:00 am tomorrow.... well it's about 10:30 PM now (shhhhhhhh, my husband is sleeping and getting prepared for tomorrow) but, well, I looked out the window after hearing thunder and IT'S POURING RAIN again..... Hmmmmmm we're here till Friday; I hope they get to play "a" game this week :)
So far, all we've done the last two days is eat...... can't wait to get home and weigh in, but at least I don't have to cook and we are trying out new places.
Anyway, I didn't have time to prepare any cards before I left to show you but maybe I can get some pictures this week; the scenery is beautiful; I've never been here before. If we spend more time in this hotel room; I may be able to "finally" play with My Digital Studio and maybe put something together for you; either from the program or from photos I take. We'll see how much creative time I can come up with. Come back tomorrow for an update!!
Have a good night and a great day tomorrow! See you then.

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