Monday, May 26, 2008

Club Challenges

The challenges for layouts and colors looked like so much fun that I have started my club members with a challenge each month. I think it's going to take a while for some of them to come around, but for May, here are a couple that were brought. For June, I asked them for a Color Challenge; however after doing that I realized that some of the girls don't have all the colors that I requested be on the card, so I ended up giving each of them a piece of each color cardstock so they would participate. I think I'll stick to layout challenges from now on because it's easier for them to do.
I've been working on trying to work up projects using all cardstock, ribbons, designer paper, etc. that will retire in July. I hate to see a lot of it go but I know the new In-Colors are going to be just as fun!! I'm getting so excited about going to Convention this year because it should be a fantastic experience since it's the company's 20th year anniversary; I know it's going to be EXTRA special. I need to start working on my swaps because after going for the first time last year I was blown away with the number of swaps everyone brings... I "only" had 80. lol It's so much fun to receive the fantastic swaps from everyone and see how creative their cards are.

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