Saturday, July 3, 2010

Another Card and Bag Topper

I previously showed you some cards and Treat Bag Toppers that a friend asked me to put together for an event she was having; then she asked me to have a class for thes one she did not pick for the event. We had our class this week and made the previous ones I showed you and the one here. I thought the Little Umbrella for this Tropical Party set was so cute and it's so easy to make. I found it shown on another website, but don't know now where it came from. You take a 4 X 4 piece of designer series paper and fold it like an accordian. Mine is approximately in 1/2" folds. When that is done, you fold it in half and using mini glue dots, you attach the two sides together making a "fan". I then attached a toothpick to the edge of the fold and then some more on the outside edge so I could attach it to my topper. Before I saw that I was actually thinking about buying some of those cute umbrellas you put in drinks..... this was much more economical. Unfortunately, the card was totally cased. Didn't this turn out cute..... Everyone had fun making these; I think the candy in each bag was the big "hit" lol
Have a nice weekend!!!

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