Friday, March 25, 2011

Easter Bunny

When we had our demonstrator meeting in February, This rabbit "hinge" card won first place. One of my customers saw the cards I had received and requested that we duplicate it for our club night.
We had such a fun time and so many things went wrong, we have never laughed so hard.... One of the girls kept complaining that her rabbit (in pink) looked like a boy..... The rest of us didn't really see that. One of the other girls got the top layer all put together before attaching it to the card and when she did, it was sideways..... so we had to use the heat tool to soften the adhesive so we could remove it and put it on in the right direction. In the meantime, she had a problem with the arms and egg and her rabbit's arms got glued down to the card without attaching to the back of the body and folding over the egg; we thought it looked like the halloween witch that gets plastered on the side of the house or tree ha ha ha She also said her rabbit looked like her son in law, so she was going to give him the card for Easter. After she used the Tombo Multi Liquid Glue for the last time, she went to put in the container we use to keep the glue upside down and accidently dropped it into her coffee. The whole thing filled up with coffee and that set us off laughing again. I was surprised how much coffee came out when she took the lids off each end!!!!

It's funny how we all make the same thing and they all look different. We decided we had to line all of the cards up and take pictures, everyone named their rabbit and placed their bunny's name on the green sticky notes in front of each one. Hopefully if you make the images larger so you can see the names they chose.
I hope you have fun looking at all the differences and I guarantee you will laugh at the one with the arms spread out....... it just does that to you!!!!

Have a Great Day!!!!

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