Thursday, February 19, 2009

Playing Around with Scrapbooking

When I started preparing my "first" scrapbook pages I came up with these. The first one is of Christmas, but since it was after Christmas, I decided to save it for another time. My class is doing progressive pages, so they all start out with 6X6 pages, then to 8 1/2 X 11, then 12 X 12. These are only the 6X6 versions.

The next one I did, was so "pale" I thought that needed to wait until Spring or Summer, so I put it aside as well.
All in all, I think they are all cute and maybe I will have enough incentive to start some of my own projects. My grandson played football for all 4 years in High School. I have stuff saved from all that time to put together.
Of course I'm still stumped about all the newspaper clippings... it may turn out to be more like the "old fashioned" scrapbooks where things are just pasted in LOL. I also have pictures of his Graduation this last spring; but think that will come together pretty well. My other project is from when my husband had his foot run over at work by a heavy trailer. He's gone through months of surgeries, casts, crutches, therapy, etc. I have lots of pictures and even the pins and plate that came of his foot when it was sufficiently healed. I know that's not a scrapbook that most people will appreciate, but I was there for each appointment to document the process of healing; certainly a time to remember.

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